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Thanks for a good year!

We all had a wondersful time last night at the Mocha House!  There was a great crowd and the Crew and I played our absolute best!  A very nice end to another very good year.  I’m having lots of fun singing and playing guitar in Garrett’s memory. I don’t know if I could do this just for money, but adding all the money to Garrett’s Fund gives me a real reason to sing!  I have had the opportunity to play many new places this year, and I am looking forward to returning to them in 2019!  Once again The Mocha House – My favorite place to play – came through with some great gigs to support Garrett’s Fund and me.  Each year the crowds get bigger, and better.  Thanks to Maria and her family for everything!  The Crew (Jesse Wonders, Tom Ditchey, and Jon Ramey) and I worked to add some great tunes to our repertoire this year.  These guys donate their time and talents to help me and support Garrett’s Fund, and we all have a lot of fun playing together!  I could never thank them enough. You guys are the best!

Thanks to everyone that came out this year to see me and the Crew, without your support none of this would be possible.  I have met so many wonderful people playing, and biking, all thanks to Garrett.  I wish he were here to see all the wonderful young people we have helped giving scholarships through The Garrett Wonders Memorial Fund.  We have given out over fifty thousand dollars in scholarships!

You will never know how much your support means to me!  Thanks for coming to, or helping with, Garrett’s Bike Ride or spending your evening with me enjoying what I like to call, Magical Musical Memories.

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