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Thank You!

I had a “wondersful” year in 2019 playing music in Garrett’s memory. I don’t know if I could do this just for money, but adding all the money to Garrett’s Fund gives me a real reason to sing!  I have had the opportunity to play many new places this year, and I am looking forward to returning to them in 2020!  Once again The Mocha House came though with some great gigs to support Garrett’s Fund and me.  I was just thinking I have been playing The Mocha House for over twelve years.   The Crew, Jesse Wonders, Tom Ditchey, and Jon Ramey played with me all year at the Mocha House and we all had a blast!  Each year the crowds get bigger, and better.  Thanks to Maria and her family for everything!  I played six gigs at Ferrante Winery this year.  I haven’t played there for a few years, and it was great to be back!  I’m all set for another six gigs this year.  The Howland Farmer’s Market is always a fun place to play.  I got to play there twice and I did a set there both times my buddy Rick Hartley played there.  CharBenay’s and Cork and Cap came though with some gigs in the second half of the year, and I will be back at both of  these great places in 2020!  I played some nice private parties this year, including getting to play at the YSU DeBartolo Stadium Club.  There are some wonderful views of Youngstown from there! 

The good news is thanks to the outstanding generosity of everyone that came out to see me, we were able to put more money into The Garrett Wonders Memorial Fund than ever before!

For me, personally, everywhere I played people always said so many nice things about my music.  You will never know how much that means to me.  I am having a great time doing this, but I would trade it all for one more day with Garrett.  I love you, buddy, and miss you everyday.

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