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A dream trip to Hawaii in 2008 turned into a nightmare. I mysteriously contracted Guillian Barre Syndrome and spent 22 days in the hospital, fighting back and learning to move again. The care that I got at both Kapiolani Medical Center and The Rehab Hospital of the Pacific was not only medically professional, but caring and compassionate; recognizing that this was my vacation.

On a return trip to Hawaii, I decided I wanted to do some thank you concerts at the 2 hospitals that were so good to me when I was there. The concerts were done on a borrowed guitar, with no amp, PA system, or microphone, and recorded on my little “pocket recorder.” This is me, playing with no electronics or special effects to “cover” me up. Just me playing “naked.” I was very well received at both hospitals, and it was so nice to see some of the people that took such good care of me when I was there. Hawaii is still a great place for a vacation, but the hospital ceilings in Hawaii look just like the hospital ceilings in Ohio!

Most of the songs on this CD are old friends, and always fan favorites. The one original song is “The Next Big News,” which was mostly written standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. Six of the eight magazines on the rack had Taylor Swift’s picture on them. It just got me thinking….

Due to noise problems, there are some songs that I rerecorded at home with intros using the same setup as the shows(no amp, PA or mic.), and for some, I used my 12 string guitar. Hazy Shades of Winter just sounds better on the 12 string.

A special thank you goes to Ben, Terri, Emily and Levi for allowing us to use their house and stay with them while I was sick, and for always being such gracious hosts. To Paul Blakemore for all of the time and hard work he put into making this album a reality; you are a Miracle Man! To my wife, Shelley, for everything. I love you always and thanks for always being there and supporting me. How did I get so lucky?