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End of the Year Thank You!

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that supported the Garrett Wonders Memorial Fund and me this year. We had our most successful bike ride this year, and we are looking forward to The 14th Annual Garrett Wonders Birthday Bike Ride on Saturday Oct. 7th in 2017! If you have not come out to Garrett’s Bike Ride you are missing a fun time. If you are not a bike rider we could always use your help. That’s a lot of fun too! It’s always fun to see old friends and make new friends at Garrett’s Ride!

For myself, I’m having lots of fun singing and playing guitar in Garrett’s memory. I don’t know if I could do this just for money, but adding all the money to Garrett’s Fund gives me a real reason to sing! I have had the opportunity to play many new places this year, and I am looking forward to returning to them in 2017! Once again The Mocha House – My favorite place to play – came though with some great gigs to support Garrett’s Fund and me. I was just thinking I have been playing The Mocha House for over ten years. Ten years! Most of the jobs I had in my life didn’t last that long! Each year the crowds get bigger, and better. Thanks to Maria and her family for everything! I finished the year off with some great Christmas shows with the help of the Holiday Brass (Jesse Wonders, Tom Ditchey, and Jon Ramey) these guys donate their time and talents to help me and support Garrett’s Fund. We all have a lot of fun doing these shows! Each year we add a few new songs, and I’m thinking it’s time to cut a Christmas CD! It would be a great experience and could raise more money for Garrett’s Fund! What do you think?

You will never know how much your support means to me! Thanks for coming to, or helping with, Garrett’s Bike Ride or spending your evening with me enjoying what I like to call, Magical Musical Memories. Because of your help, The Garrett Wonders Memorial Fund has given out more than Forty Three Thousand Dollars in scholarships, and helped so many students continue their education! I don’t have the words…

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